The Elements

I love these guys. We’re a vocal improvisation quintet, five years old; we just released our first album – it may be the world’s first ever entirely improvised, five voice album.

I mean really improvised. My Dad didn’t get it. He said, “so you had a general idea of what you were going to sing?” “No.” “So you pre-agreed the harmonic progression?” “No.” “You pre-wrote the words?” “No.”

It’s like this.

Five vocalists drop into silence, and listen.
We listen inside, for the song that wants to come from us.
We listen outside, to the four songs emerging around us.
Five voices intertwine, five listening beings. Music emerges.
Improvised, live, acoustic, barely edited.
This is Shay, Sam, Briony, Green and Christoper singing,
but first and foremost,

Find out more at our website.

From left to right: Shay Nichols, Sam Rogers, me, Green Huse, Christopher Kuntzsh.



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