Which level am I?

Level 1, Beginner-Intermediate

It’s for you if:
– You have a voice, are a singer, an expressive artist; maybe publicly, maybe privately
– You have little to no formal musical training
– You may get triggered, upset or alienated by formal musical teaching
– You want to become a more savvy, technically able, sophisticated and confident musician.

Level 2, Intermediate – Advanced

It’s for you if:
– You have a music degree and / or are a professional or semi-professional musician; and you want to integrate that into your vocal improvisation capacities and / or
– You have an exceptionally good ear
– You are a fast learner, at home with numbers and not, on the whole, triggered by the marvelous mechanics of music – though sometimes challenged!
– You have a good deal of chops training already and a fairly sturdy handle on material so far.

Both levels: singers who want an unorthodox up-skilling that may touch places rarely reached by your musical education so far.


Here I am.

Who are you?

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