The Course

23 days’ tuition: one weekend per month for 9 months + a 5 day retreat

See Level 1 and Level 2 for the schedules. Both levels come together for the first, last and middle weekend; the Voice, Creativity and Integration weekends, which are residential.

50% rural residential with board and lodging, 50% urban non-residential in Bristol

Most weekends are in a Beautiful private studio in Bristol, with wood floors, lovely resonance, a grand piano and plenty of room. Pictures and details will be online soon.

January 27-8 and December 1-2 will be at the beautiful Coed Weddings near Cardiff. We can all marry each other for a year 🙂 The Level 2 retreat, 16-20 April, will also be at Coed.

The location of the Level 1 retreat, 13 – 18 August 2018, and of the June residential weekend for both groups, will be announced soon.

Practice assignments and support between sessions

The course is a year-long commitment and practice is essential to your flourishing. When considering the course, consider your capacity to practice and decide what will fit in your schedule. I suggest a minimum 10 minutes per day; an hour or more per day is Amazing. If you go much more than an hour or day you may well need extra lessons, either with me (e.g. via skype) or with another teacher to support your extended (wonderful) study.

We will have a group Skype mid month, each month, optional; for check in, support and connection.

Students will be arranged into buddy pairs; you switch buddy every 3 months. Buddies support each other’s enquiry and journey around the growth of your artistic path in the world.

£200 – £250 per month (discount rate £166). Total £2500 – £3000 for the year (discount £2000).


This includes all tuition, venues, and board and lodging in residential sessions. It does not include your food and any accommodation you need in Bristol, or your transportation.

You can pay all at once, or monthly via a standing order which Dee will help you set up:

If you pay monthly we ask that you pay for November and December before the course begins, by way of deposit.

The sliding scale is to reflect that people have a wide range of economic circumstances; please pay what you can afford. The discount rate only works if some people pay the highest rate; it evens out. But if everyone pays the discount rate, ends won’t meet. Please agree your rate with Dee:


You will want a notebook and a manuscript paper book.

A voice recorder is very useful.

A metronome, actual or a metronome app on your phone, is essential.

I recommend the Everyday Looper app or other technology to record multiple of your own vocal lines.

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