Level 2 Schedule and Program

Level 2: Intermediate – Advanced


January 5-7            Voice and Creativity (Levels 1 & 2 residential @ Coed Hills nr Cardiff)
February 17-18       Harmony (Bristol, non residential)
March 10-11           Agility, Melody, Mode (Bristol, non residential)
April 15-20              Advanced Rhythm for Vocal Improvisers with David Eskenazy  (residential @ Coed Hills nr Cardiff)
June 9-10               Agility, Melody Mode (Bristol, non residential)
June 15-17             Voice, Creativity & Integration (Levels 1 & 2 @ Eden Rise, Totnes)
September 15-16   Harmony (Bristol, non residential)
October 6-7            Agility, Melody, Mode (Bristol, non residential)
November 3-4         Harmony (Bristol, non residential)
Nov 30 – Dec 2       Voice, Creativity & Integration (Levels 1 & 2 together, residential @ Coed Hills, nr Cardiff)

The group will be at most 10 singers.

Weekend timings:

  • Non residential Bristol weekends, Saturdays 10am – 6pm, Sundays 10am – 4pm
  • Residential weekends, arrive Friday evening by 7pm, dinner at 7.30pm, ending Sundays 4pm.

Course Content

Voice, Creativity and Integration
This is focused on in three weekends; in addition, it is threaded throughout the course. It includes:
– Working with the voice; coming fully into the resonant body; setting your voice free; clear, strong, healthy, and beautifully your own.
– Through collaborative and solo improvisation, dropping fear and restrictions, and allowing the creative river to flow. This is a journey.
– Improvising with words;
– Integrated Expressive Practice – using sound, movement and language to express profound truths in creative and resonant ways
– Integrating the conscious study of rhythm, harmony and melody into free flowing musicianship.
– Sound healing.
– Reflection and daring, in sane steps, to grow in the world as a musician, in whatever ways your core longs for. Do you want to integrate improvisation into your existing artistic practice? Do you want to gather and lead an improvisation community in your local area? Are you a ritual singer, seeking ways to be this in today’s world? Are you a healer wishing to integrate voice? Are you a human who wants one hour a week in a safe place with your voice to sing your own therapy? Or something entirely different? This year long cradle will hold and support your exploration.

Rhythm – taught by David Eskenazy
– Becoming more and more able to play with highly rhythmically complex vocal improvisation; becoming more like Bobby McFerrin (who David and I are both influenced and taught by).
– Working with polyrhythm, odd-meter and 16th note / semiquaver patterns. Being increasingly able to create patterns using these dimensions of rhythm, and to create interlocking patterns with others in increasingly fascinating and funky ways.
– Reading and writing rhythm notation (if this works for the group; I am not committed to teaching this if people are in radically different places with this)
– Singing whilst playing drum, shaker, or other instrument, with increasing rhythmic sophistication; improvisational vocal freedom while you hold it very steady on another instrument.

– Becoming increasingly sophisticated in your ability to improvise with others harmonically.
– Voicings and inversions with major and minor chords + 4th,6th,7th, 9th notes: hearing, recognising and vocally producing chords, voicings and inversions in ensemble
– Harmonic ear training with all chords and progressions in diatonic major and minor.
(We will not cover non-diatonic, modulation, augmented/ diminished chords and negative harmony this year.)

Agility, Melody, Mode
– Becoming more precise, clear and calm when your voice hits this and that note. Being able to land clearly and increasingly quickly onto notes across a range of intervals, including augmented and diminished intervals.
– Transcribing jazz solos by ear
– Memorising at least one Bach prelude as agility exercise
– Improvising in various modes
– Beauty, trance, mode.

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