Year Long Courses | I have young children

On principle, I try to include mothers in my teaching if they / you want to be students.

At Coed Hills, there is scope for family members and assistants to join you; they will need to pay for food but their accommodation will not cost any extra.

In general, it tends to be disruptive if children between 18 months and 6 years old are in the learning space. Before they walk, children can often be in a sling or held and peacefully join in. Age 6 years and up, children of students tend to join in with a kind of rapture, or excitement to be joining the grown ups.

In general, it’s better if children are not in the learning sessions, in protection of the atmosphere of calm focus that the group needs. Yet it is ok if they come in for breast feeding, and ok for them to be there sometimes if it is consistent with this atmosphere of calm focus.

In each instance, I work it out with the mother to ensure what is best for the group, the mother, the child and the family.

If you’re a mother and you’d like to join the course, let’s talk. Talk in the first instance with