Wild Voice, Solid Roots 2019

A year-long study of the art and technique of vocal improvisation, and a deepening study of music through the voice.

Taught in three residential weeks in mid and south Wales:

Level A  |  April 1-5, June 3-7, September 30 – October 4 2019.

Level B |  April 15-19, July 1-5, October 14-18 2019.

An in-depth program designed to strengthen the musical rigour of singers and vocal improvisers, and integrate these skills into your authentic creative magnificence.

Vocal Improvisation is an approach to singing shaped by sacredness, flow, ease, joy, wildness, presence, authenticity, expression, healing and collaboration. We cultivate this while also building up rigorous technique and excellent musicianship, and supporting each student to further their personal path as a vocalist.

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The Course
15 days’ tuition in three residential weeks at Coed Hills and Hill Cottage Retreat centers
Price includes organic board and lodging, 2-3 to a room. Private rooms are available for a little extra.
Practice assignments and support between sessions.
Cost: £2500: 10 places available. 4 places are available at £2000, and 2 assistant positions are available at specific arrangement.

Five levels are offered.  Which level am I?

Not all five levels will be offered each year. Apply for the level you feel is best for you, and when enough students have applied for a level, we will run that course.

The Call
Are you a singer whose musical imagination and spirit goes further than your public voice can right now?

Are you longing to really invest in your vocal musicianship, give yourself to it and lift your abilities and musical place in the world to the next level?

Do you long to have more competence and confidence to collaborate with the musicians you want to sing with?

Do you want to gain a solid musical foundation, through the voice, in a patient, grounded, sacred, embodied, playful way?

Has music learning been heady, theoretical, disembodied, over-caffeinated, alienating, critical, un-vocal, unsocial? Or more still, unavailable, non-existent?

Do you want to study sound as a devotional path within today’s world?

Do you want to be in your full natural power as a singer?

If so, this course is designed for you.

Course Philosophy

About Briony Greenhill

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Please direct all questions to Dee@brionygreenhill.com