Wild Voice, Solid Roots 2019

A six-month study of the art and technique of vocal improvisation, and a deepening study of music through the voice.

Taught in three residential weeks in South Wales, UK, in Spring, Summer and Autumn.

This is an in-depth program designed to strengthen the musical rigour of singers and vocal improvisers, and integrate these skills into your authentic creative magnificence.

Vocal Improvisation is an approach to singing shaped by sacredness, flow, ease, joy, wildness, presence, authenticity, expression, healing and collaboration. We cultivate this while also building up rigorous technique and excellent musicianship, and supporting each student to further their personal path as a vocalist.


Level 2  |  April 6 – 11  |  | May 26 – 31  |  September 29 – October 4 2019

Level 3 and/or 4  |  March 31 – April 5  |  June 9 – 14  |  October 13 – 18 2019

The Five Levels of WVSR

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