Vocal Improvisation | Extended Program | Spring 2019

Lagunitas, Marin, California

January 26-7, February 23-4, April 20-21, May 4-5

Apply here.           Here is a video about this work.

This is an extended program for singers keen to dive deeply into Vocal Improvisation, and become more personally at home in the artform; able to practice and even perhaps perform and lead others into it.

We will study:

  • Forms for collaborative vocal improvisation, from introductory to advanced
  • Your voice; its full embodied resonance, its authenticity, growing towards its full potential
  • Rhythm, melody, harmony | Yes, chops, music theory, beginner-intermediate level – anticipating a somewhat mixed group on this front (all groups tend / seem to be mixed on these fronts).
  • Improvising with lyrics
  • Improvisation applied to personal growth, healing, group dynamics and, if you want, prayer.

The program involes:

8 days together over 4 weekends, at a beautiful studio in Laguintas Marin (not residential).

(I am open to teaching 3 day weekends, but I’m guessing you are too busy for that. If some of you want to work together Friday – Sunday, or Sat-Monday, I am open to doing an extended extended program. Let me know.)

Support for your personalised practice in between sessions

Monthly group calls.

Buddy pairs to support your journey (it’ll likely be deep.)

Cost: $1000. If you need a discount, get in touch: music@brionygreenhill.com.

It’s best if you can commit 2-4 hours per week, usually in smaller segments, for practice over the 3 1/2 months.

I teach year long programs in the UK from introductory to advanced; this Extended Program comes as a response to US students saying, “can we have a year long course here too please!?!”

Some of my students have said or written:

“Briony is the Rolls Royce of singing teachers!”

“This singing journey brings me both comfort and revolution and is a path for aligning with G*d/Spirt/The Great Mystery. Deep Gratitude.”

“One of the most powerful experiences of my life! I feel changed on a cellular level!”

“This workshop completely opened me up to new frontiers in sound healing. Thank you.”

“Some singing teachers teach you sing with your voice. Briony teaches you to sing with your heart and sing from your soul.”

“It was deeper than an ayahuasca ceremony; I grew more than in workshops with leading psychologists, and it’s the safest I’ve ever felt in a group.”

“Being bathed in beauty. Being held in love. Being winkled out of a shell. Being birthed into a new world.”

“You made it feel like a womb. Protected, loved, nourished, warm and holding.”

Apply here.