Singing the Unseen | Who is this course for?

Who is this course for?

This is a course for singers who want to develop their voices and capacity to use vocal improvisation for personal development, supporting others, leading groups, changing the atmosphere in ceremonies and events, and for bringing voice – and with it some special atmosphere – to rituals.

The group will be up to 16 people.

I’ll consider applications based on the following five qualities.

I’m looking for great strength in at least one area, and general or significant alignment across all 5 areas. So that as a group, between us there is great strength in each of the following 5 areas:

1. Vocal musicianship | This is for established voices. You’re not just beginning to sing, you already know yourself to be a singer. Maybe you lead a small or large choir, maybe you’re a performer or you have been at some point; your voice has already had some recognition from yourself and perhaps others. You have a beautiful voice, and you want to use it for community, the sacred, social change, and healing.

2. Spirituality  |  You already have some kind of spirituality. It’s likely that you already recognise the livingness of the earth, trees, plants animals waters fish, the intelligence of all things, and what I’m calling Mystery. You may have an established relationship with a spiritual path or practice – perhaps very much your own, or perhaps even a religion.

3. Therapy and healing  |  Your inner and interpersonal wisdom is in cultivation. You might even be a qualified therapist or a group facilitator or NVC trainer or of that ilk. And, you recognise that you’re not finished. (I’m not finished!) But that’s active and alive.

4. Ritual  |  Ideally there’s some established relationship with ritual; perhaps there’s a calling for ritual, a tender feeling around the importance of ritual; an affinity with ritual somehow. Even better, you already lead rituals, or you want to lead rituals, or you like to participate in rituals, sing in and for rituals. You’re not into smoke and mirrors, attributing powers to false gods. But, the timeless potency of people – together or alone – recognising, adoring and relating with the bigger aliveness that we live in relationship with – our thirst and need for that as a culture – that’s a position statement you align yourself with.

5. Nature Connection | You explore, or long to explore, nature connection, intimitely.

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