Singing the Unseen | About Briony Greenhill

At core, I am a ritual singer.

For three years with the Stepping Stones Project working on youth initiation, I brought voice to the organisation’s ceremonies. I lead and bring voice to grief rituals, integrate aspects of ritual onto the retreats I lead, and am a regular ritual singer at Soulful Sundays in California – a non-christian community church. I have sung at many weddings.

I have spent many years under the leadership of female ceremonialists. Nunutsi Tenipe led my Vision Quest and mentored me; Melissa Michaels has led me in dance rituals for years and continues to; Rhiannon taught me a deeply spiritual approach to voice and remains my inspiration; I have practiced sound healing for years with Shay Nichols and other graduates of the CIIS sound healing program; and I took and later assisted many grief rituals with Sobonfu Some. Now, since her passing, I lead them.

So my themes are voice, ritual and community, and the feminine – what we might call the feminine aspect in both women and men – in the context of my own earth-based spirituality which is somewhat Daoist-Pagan in nature.

I hold a first class degree in Political Science and have been studying and playing – and will continue to study and play – music my whole life.

Honestly, now back in Britain I encounter so many would-be ritual leaders; we are needed, and we need our voices.

Vocal Improvisation is good for this.

Here we go.

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