Singing the Unseen

A year-long course exploring vocal improvisation and its application to the inner life, nature connection, groups, healing, ritual and the sacred.

Ok let’s fess up.

With vocal improvisation, we can sing our inner lives, heal and grow. We can sing the inner lives of others, for their self awareness and wellbeing. We can sing what is alive in a group that needs to be expressed. We can relate with nature, ancestors, Mystery. Vocal Improvisation is an artform for ritual, ceremony and healing.

For the first time, Briony Greenhill will lead a group of students through a year that focuses exclusively and in depth on these aspects of vocal improvisation, taught in four residential weeks at Coed Hills in South Wales:

Week 1: 17th – 22nd March
Finding my voice and its relation with my inner life

Week 2: 23rd – 28th June
Living my voice and connecting with the natural world

Week 3: 18th – 23nd September
Living my voice, and connecting with the unseen

Week 4: 27th October – 1st November
Giving my voice, and stepping into leadership.

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