About Laurence and Briony

Briony Greenhill teaches Vocal Improvisation internationally. Students describe her as a “master”, “the Rolls-Royce of singing teachers”, and her work as “life changing.” Her teaching spans music theory from beginner to advanced level on the one hand, deeply embodied voice nurturance in the middle, and thrilling healing sacred expressive free collaborative improvisation on the other hand. Briony has studied with masters in India, France and the US, is forever a student, and loves to teach. Here’s a video about her work.

Laurence Cole is well loved up and down the West Cost as a powerful leader of wonderful songs. A song elder and ritualist from Port Townsend, Washington, he has been helping groups of people rediscover the healing power of grieving communally for over ten years.  Guided and inspired by the teachings of Malidoma Some, Sobonfu Some, Angeles Arrien, Michael Meade, James Hillman, Francis Weller, Joanna Macy and many others, Laurence creates a welcoming space for folks to rediscover their natural human capacity for healing together.  Blending song, poetry, easy grounding movement, small and large group sharing, humor, silent reflective solitude in nature, and the co-creation of a beautiful ritual setting, Laurence provides a journey through the depths and heights of our aliveness, often leading to a sense of renewal, connection and even an awakened capacity for radiant joy.

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