Financial policy

Sliding Scale, the Bursary Fund, and financial policy.

The two countries where I predominantly teach, the UK and the US, have large financial variation among the people within them.

Thus I set a sliding scale for all of my offerings. Typically people with a little more choose to pay a little more, and people with a little less pay a little less. Within the scale you can pay what feels about right to you.

I am blessed that some of my students offer to contribute to a Bursary Fund. This is always anonymous; my assistant Dee Dean and I are the only people who know who contributes. This then helps people with very low incomes to participate. If you would like to make a contribution of any size, thank you!! Please email me at (I am the only person with access to this account.)

Thus we usually have beautifully diverse groups, and it could be yet more so.

Everyone seems to appreciate this. I certainly do. Thank you for all the ways that you take part.