Singing in the Deep Midwinter

Gathering in the cold and dark, we, singers, come together in the heart of Snowdonia, to circle in a round house nestled in old oak forest, sing, and bathe in a riverside hot tub…

Here is a video about my teaching of vocal improvisation.

Leaning into the winter quiescence, the rest, the pause, the hush. Handling with care the closing of a year of our lives, saying thank you, farewell, and birthing a new year in beauty. Unwrapping the gifts of song, ceremony, space, sound healing, body and voice, we come together, to sing in the deep midwinter.

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Musically we’ll do a lot of vocal improvisation. This is for courageous singers! Those whose musical imaginations naturally extend beyond the song-or-choir box. It’s challenging, exposing, liberating, healing. We re-wild the voice, open a raw expression channel; it’s freedom and rigour, heart, vulnerability, courage, spirit, language and the shamanic. It unwraps peoples’ wild, beautiful souls and sends them through the air. Singing together, we listen carefully and court emergent music. We apply this to pleasure, healing, ritual, being a human, and a Wildlings Cabaret.

Physically we’ll gently detox. The diet will be clean, organic; have a little of this or that, but we’ll be gentle with it. Morning practice each day (yoga, walking [running if you want!], meditation, movement.) Protected quiet time, and a good amount of sleep.

Together we’ll be honest, support one another, connect, care. We’ll hold and be held in this northern cradle.

Warmly we’ll sleep, 2-3 to a room, about 17 of us altogether.

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Led by Briony Greenhill, who teaches and performs vocal improvisation internationally. She has been described as a“veritable magician” and a “master.” After the last two retreats people said things like:

“Things are happier in my family than they have ever been. Ever, SERIOuSLy! We are all so full of LOVE. While this little journey of life is a sum of many, many parts – our week in Embercombe sent a powerful seismic shift back through me and then my partner and the kids… Lives saved. Thank you for creating a space that allowed me to connect back to myself in such a powerful way xxx. The most love.”

“I have found a connection to a group which has changed the way that I relate to other people. I am clearer and more in my heart and I can acknowledge my needs, feel them and appreciate when they are met along with doing something about when they are not met – (if thats an effective thing to do).”

“On a slightly different note, I find myself daily, more and more consumed by song as everything we unlocked at Embercombe continues to unravel and open up. The work continues apace. I can hardly keep up with the profound shifts it has brought to my life – too much to write here! Thank you……Thank you   With love…”

“(I’ve been) hearing wonderful comments about your workshop (at Embercombe) last summer. Many of the community who were volunteering at the time said, completely independently that they weren’t really sure what you all were doing, but they had never seen people there grow so much and walk around with such happy joyous faces, oozing magic-ness. And with the amount of amazing courses that go on there I thought that was really special praise.”

“It was epic – and that’s an understatement.”   

“It was deeper than an ayahuasca ceremony; I grew more than in workshops with leading psychologists, and it’s the safest I’ve ever felt in a group.”

“You are a master.”   

“One of the most powerful experiences of my life! I feel changed on a cellular level!”  

“Being bathed in beauty. Being held in love. Being winkled out of a shell. Being birthed into a new  world.”  

“You made it feel like a womb. Protected, loved, nourished, warm and holding.”

Practically we’ll arrive in Llanberis on the 27th December mid – late afternoon. and leave on January 2nd mid morning.

Financially the retreat costs £500 – £700 sliding scale, including 6 nights full board lodging and all tuition / facilitation.

I’m honoured to have been gifted with a small bursary fund to help people very called to this work who can’t quite afford it. Please email if you would like to enquire.

Apply here

A £100 will be required to reserve your spot; payment must be completed in full before the course begins. (Deposits can be refundable if you cancel and someone else wants your spot, which has so far always been the case.)

Here’s to New Year rituals, vocal improvisation, community, singing tribe, and the deep wisdom of winter quiescence. Peace.

singing alive circle