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A Vocal Improvisation Immersion
23-30 August 2019 |  Penpont, Brecon Beacons, Wales

Here is a video about this work.

People have said things like:

“It was epic – and that’s an understatement.”

“It was deeper than an ayahuasca ceremony; I grew more than in workshops with leading psychologists, and it’s the safest I’ve ever felt in a group.”

“You are a master.”

“One of the most powerful experiences of my life! I feel changed on a cellular level!”

“Being bathed in beauty. Being held in love. Being winkled out of a shell. Being birthed into a new world.”

“You made it feel like a womb. Protected, loved, nourished, warm and holding.”

“I felt a real urge to connect with you after hearing wonderful comments about your workshop at Embercombe last summer. Many of the community who were volunteering at the time said, completely independently, that they weren’t really sure what you all were doing, but they had never seen people there grow so much and walk around with such happy joyous faces, oozing magic-ness. And with the amount of amazing courses that go on there I thought that was really special praise!”

I am guiding, I am guided.

I am still learning.




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Things people have said:

“You take people through the window of music into the Cathedral of consciousness.”

“When you sing, the angels such the f*** up. And listen.”

“Most unqualified joy of the entire week.”

“What a joy! Such delicious healing offered in the sound therapy in small groups.  I intend to emulate her in my own workshops and include several of the exercises she offered.”

“At the end it was like “Wow! did that happen?”

“Everyone I send to you comes to me afterwards and says, “she is f*****g rocking my s**t!”” 

“This workshop completely opened me up to new frontiers in sound healing. Thank you. Now I feel more confident integrating my energy healing techniques with sound and voice.  I also loved the circle singing we started with…. all the group improv? Yummy.”

“Briony is a veritable magician. Using singing and harmony she can cast a spell over a large team of people in moments.”

“Classically experiential. Heartfully and skillfully and humbly led and deeply moving for those in my little group.”


“Briony really made us all feel at home – starting off with exercises that didn’t force me outside of my comfort zone, and a no judgement pact, really allowed me to feel comfortable with the group, which then gave me the confidence to try out some solos.”

“Watching you facilitate was a demonstration of a kind of mastery (or should that be mistressy!) of the energy flows around groups, singing and Improvisation.”

“It was seriously fun, crazy, inspiring, opening and meditative, all at the same time.” 

“it gave me confidence to be more playful and enjoy my voice which I’m often nervous about in non-classical settings.”

“I am so glad that I did it – what an exhilarating experience!”

“I work with Briony because she teaches me how to use my voice to get to know myself, express myself, and expand myself. Some singing teachers teach you sing with your voice. Briony teaches you to sing with your heart and sing from your soul.” 


About my workshops

My sessions can take a few different angles, depending on the group and context.

Songs. I have a huge stack of songs up my sleeve with rich harmonies, yummy rhythms, mainly learn-by-ear stuff from around the world that is very pleasurable to sing. I’ve been leading singing workshops for over a decade.

Introduction to Vocal Improvisation: there are a bunch of forms that are great for getting people started with collaborative improvisation.

Improvisation Deep Dive: a deeper dive into aspects of collaborative vocal improvisation for the more experienced singer.

The Marvellous Mechanics of Music. I love nurturing technical rigour; when it’s appropriate for a group, I use vocal improvisation to study mode and melody, rhythm and harmony.

Lyrical Improvisation:  routes into improvising with lyrics.

Sound Healing. Is just about one of the loveliest things that I’ve ever discovered, and it’s quite simple, and we could / should all be doing it…. So let’s get started 🙂

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