Candlelit Snuggle Concert: Fairfax, California, December 16th 7.30pm

Bring your yoga mats, three folds, blankets and pillows. Snuggle up in the December Dark and get cosy, as pianist and singer Briony Greenhill tinkles the ivories and sings you some of the many songs that have arrived, fully formed, from the improvisation pipeline this year.

(By the way, this isn’t a cuddle party and definitely not a play party! It’s a concert. You just get to lie down. And perhaps cuddle someone if you know you both want to.)

Something shifted almost exactly a year ago. Improvisation had come to a point where songs came out fully formed. They came out alone, they came out in collaboration. They came out whole, clear, felt sacred.

They came to be heard. This voice came to sing.

So I shall sing them!

The last time I played some of these songs in public,

Bless the Girl had all the women crying

And then Prayer for Peace had all the Israelis crying

So you might cry a little bit, and you’ll hopefully sing a little bit, and we’ll enjoy the December dark together

with, hopefully, a bit of musical beauty.

“This is moody, lo-fi magic of the highest order.” – BBC

“Your gig today was the highlight of my year.” – Richard, (October)

“Briony’s unique style had the hall cheering.” – B&B Journal

NOTE: Please carpool as there is extremely limited parking at location. Meet at Doc Edgar Park, 2 Hickory Rd, Fairfax, CA and carpool to our place at 75 Woodland Rd, Fairfax, CA