I am a singer, pianist, performer, teacher and student.

My work is evolving to integrate improvisation across my instruments with politics, community, healing and the sacred.

I sing prayers. I sing the bigger picture. I sing whatever presents itself to be voiced.

My students and I sing our truth, and as we do, it changes.

We are in transformative times and these tectonic shifts seem to find expression through improvisation, which articulates the truth of the moment.

I am a ritual singer.

With gratitude to my teachers, collaborators, students, friends, Nature and this gift of music.

Contact: my assistant Dee, who works on Tuesdays and Fridays: Dee@brionygreenhill.com.

“This is moody, lo-fi heaven of the highest order.” BBC

“Briony is a veritable magician – using singing and harmony she can cast a spell over a large team of people in moments.” – Duncan Bruce, Creative Director, Brand Conpsiracy

“Your gig today was the one of most inspiring and uplifting experiences I have had this year.” – Richard. (October 🙂

“It was magic, there’s no other word.” – Anthea, Bride

“Briony, the Rolls-Royce of voice teachers!” Sadie, Student

“It was the most beautiful sung blessing we’ve ever heard.” Staff at Matara, wedding venue.


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